1020 Global works closely with our clients to develop tactical marketing goals and lasting relationships.

Our work is the product of calculated planning and finely tuned research to facilitate individual client needs. For each client, we create a unique strategy but our process remains the same every time. In order to properly assess and meet our client’s goals, this process is broken down into four integral phases:

Phase One – Client Analysis: In this stage, we dive head first into a client’s organizational framework. By doing so, we can successfully pinpoint the vital strengths, weaknesses, needs and resources that already exist. This first step sets the foundation for developing a renewed marketing strategy.


Phase Two – Fact Finding: Building off our initial analysis, we peel back the layers of your current business environment. This includes current and potential customer demographics, field competitors, all relevant media landscapes and more.


Phase Three – Strategy & Design: Using the data gathered during the client analysis and fact finding, we begin constructing a custom, individualized marketing strategy. For each client, we formulate a tracking plan to measure change and growth. This phase aligns constructive planning with the beginning stages of implementation.


Phase Four – Implementation: In this final phase, we shift your custom marketing plan into full gear. Everything has led up to this pivotal stage. As a full-service marketing agency, we are able to see your unique advertising campaign develop full circle. It begins with concept, transitions to deliverables and continues with post-campaign analytics.

From start to finish, we integrate closely with your company to ingrain a more positive marketing platform with goal-oriented tactics that deliver proven results.

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